Cake & Tea, Pizza & Pasta in Cardiff

Lots more food porn here….

If you haven’t read my first blog post of me showcasing Cardiff to my family check it out here! 

Another day of taking my aunties and sister to my favourite food spots in Cardiff promised to be another tasty one.

After a leisurely breakfast and stroll through the city centre, shopping and such, we wandered down the ornate arcades for a spot of afternoon tea and cake. Baker Tea house is my favourite in Cardiff. The interior decoration is beautiful and the range of teas and hot chocolates are to die for. On this occasion we sat outside in the arcade itself and enjoyed hot tea from the cast iron pots, milkshakes and smoothies from glass jars, and a slice of cake…..yummy!

P1030583 P1030585 P1030587 P1030588

I enjoyed a coconut milkshake and a pot of fruit chai tea. My sister went for a mixed berry smoothie, and we shared banana and white chocolate cake! Truly indulgent.

P1030589 P1030593 P1030594 P1030595 P1030597 P1030598 P1030600 P1030602 P1030603 P1030604

We spent the afternoon exploring more of Cardiff city centre, then returned home for a little rest before more food!

I booked at table at Cafe Citta for dinner – an amazing Italian restaurant I have been to once before. It’s just off St Mary’s street and is highly rated amongst locals as being an amazing Italian and one of the best places to eat in Cardiff. They serve beautiful pasta dishes, hand spun pizzas cooked in a wood burning oven, and wonderful daily specials – all cooked in a kitchen no bigger than my bedroom.

As usual we arrived to a bustling small restaurant oozing the heavenly smell of garlic.

Naturally we ordered a bottle of prosecco to start proceedings!


For starters we shared brusheccta, olives, and (my favourite) polenta smothered in Dolce Latte cheese *drools*.

P1030613 P1030615 P1030616 P1030617

Delicious and demolished!

As we waited for our mains to arrive, I watched (and tried to snap) the chef spinning pizzas to the ceiling…

P1030623 P1030624

P1030625 P1030626 P1030628 P1030631 P1030634 P1030636 P1030638

I had to go for pizza, and ordered one loaded with goats cheese, mozzarella, Italian meat and pepper. My sister ordered the seafood linguine which I have had before. Al dente pasta nestling sweet soft seafood…

P1030633 P1030641

Stuffed to the brim we went on to order pudding.

Cheese cake with some sort of fruit compote on top (wine=vague memory loss) and tiramisu for them….

P1030648 P1030649 P1030651

And creme brulee for meeee!

P1030650 P1030654 P1030659

All rounded off with a round of Lemoncello. Dreamy.

P1030663 P1030662

And with that last meal it was time to say goodbye to my sister and aunties. It had been a great weekend with great company! I’m so glad I managed to show them all my favourite spots in Cardiff – places that I would highly recommend to you all too!

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Cafe Citta, Church Street

So the end of March is nigh, and I have managed to tick another foody spot off my March hitlist. After reading rave reviews on Tripadvisor I visited Cafe Citta yesterday with my aunties for lunch. I booked a table for 12.30 (thankfully as by 1 there was a decent queue to be seated), and this (very) small, independent Italian restaurant was a lushious escape from the quite frankly shite weather that had doomed Cardiff that day.

Cafe Citta I would say only has 10 tables, a teeny tiny bar nessled under a stair case, and a small open kitchen with a wood burning oven. The mixture of a small space + wood burning oven + Italian food being cooked fresh to order in an open kitchen meant this place smelt absolutely incredible. As soon as I walked through the door I was hit by the heady smell of garlic and by god it made me hungry. This subsequently lead to the ordering of bruschetta to nibble on whilst we looked at the menu



And this was very good brushetta. Really good tomatoes, really good (non soggy) toasted bread, really garlicky and really well seasoned….really. 

I was certain I was going to order pizza after 1) hearing great things and 2) being wowed by the chef spinning pizza bases in the kitchen. However after seeing the portion sizes of the pasta dishes we all settled on pasta. I chose seafood linguine (£10.50), with a side (even though it’s a starter) of baked polenta with a dolcelatte cheese sauce (£5ish).





Everything was delicious. The pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente and was packed with sweet, meaty seafood. The tomato and white wine sauce had a slight hint of chilli, and chunks of tomato and slithers of carrot added to the sweetness and bulkiness of the dish. The cheesy baked polenta was rich, salty and indulgent and matched well with the sweet pasta dish (go me). This was simple, tasty food at it’s best.

My aunties both went for spaghetti with sundried tomato, ricotta and pinenuts (possibly another ingredient but I can’t remember boo).



And a side salad


They were equally impressed with their dishes.

And after much deliberation, we also had pudding. These were good, but not as good as the main courses – something I always find happens with Italian but still every time I order the sweet stuff. I went for the home made lemon and orange cheesecake (£4.50 I believe).


The actual cheesecake I would say was more of a panna cotta, and there wasn’t much of a biscuit base. However the candied lemon and orange peel on top (there was deff some Ameretto in there aswell…I think it did disclose this on the menu) was so yummy and the syrup off it was delicious. I nice end to the meal, but possibly not a necessary one. Other puddings ordered were a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a vanilla panna cotta with blueberry compote – both fine but again probably not a necessary order. Oh and we had coffees which were very very good. 

Overall I would highly recommend a visit to this tiny authentic Italian. We felt as if we could have been sat in a restaurant down a side street in Rome or Florence or something – a little Italian escape for sure. The friendly attentive service and great food means I will 100% be going back – I gotta try one of those hand spun/flung pizzas.