The Foundry, Leeds

(photo courtesy of The Foundry’s website)

So Saturday came about and another meal out was on the cards (woo) – this time for my Gran’s 80th, and Dad’s 50th which was last month. My Mum booked The Foundry about two weeks ago after extensive online research and review reading (impressed), and they were already nearly fully booked two weeks ago?! She’d booked a table for 7pm and we had to be out by 9pm apparently – dontcha just hate it when they say that ….. surely they should open you with open arms OR say no, no room at the inn.

Anyways, The Foundry is located in/next to the Round Foundry which is some sort of business hub which used to be an old engineering works. Makes for quite a cool location. All the buildings are quite industrial looking and appear to use the old bricks of the once mills and works that stood on the site.

So we arrived at 7pm and the place was nothing other than BUZZing. Loud groups of middle aged peoples stood at the bar drinking champs and G&Ts, and a few parties sat at tables. We appeared to be the only family in the room. We were shown to our table and no sooner had our bums touched the seats no short of 3 menus were popped under our noses – the main menu, the specials and the drinks menu. Bit of a juggling act. A basket of bread was also bought round (why they couldn’t just leave some bread on the table I dunno) because some olives and chorizo dishes were (nice touch). And literally within 20 seconds we were asked what we wanted to drink and about 10 seconds after that what we wanted to eat – calm the keen people! Let us settle into our surroundings and munch and read. So after rejecting the waiter twice we were finally ready to order food. I went for the Moules Mariniere £8.50 followed by the Sea Bass with Spinach and Pesto £16.50, and opted for the house white to go with the starter and house Merlot with the main. They bought round bread again (just leave us alone now please).

(photo again courtesy of The Foundry website. Pretty sure this was our exact table though.)

Starters came and they looked pretty impressive all around. Salmon three ways and White Onion Soup were also ordered (okay now we’re ready for the bread). My starter was a good portion and the mussels themselves were bigggg, juicy and soft. They didn’t taste of the sauce however, which was a shame, so I only got a taste of it when I spooned it up and soaked bread from the circulating basket in it at the end. It was pretty good, not too creamy. Sorry for the bad quality photos again. I must get into the habit of taking my good camera with me everywhere now!


Mains were equally as impressive. Again good portions and perfectly cooked food. The skin was crispy on my fish and the spinach was dreamy – more of the pesto wouldn’t have gone a miss though, could barely taste it. My side of steamed greens were also cooked on point, and so they should have been for £3.50 on top of the main course price….




Other mains included Pork Fillet with Black Pudding and Apple and Calvados sauce £16.80 (can just see in the background of the steamed greens picture), Roast Salmon with Asparagus and Bernaise £15.95, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Wild Mushroom and Asparagus £9.50 with sides of chips. All enjoyed a lot – although the chips were distinctly average.

Food wise I would say this meal was almost faultless, although I feel that the side orders of chips, veg, mash etc should be included in the main price, even if it is the done thing with places like this to charge extra. I did also get the feeling that me or my mum could have cooked the dishes that I ate (I think I was the only one this could have applied to) – not that that is a bad thing.

Service, whilst I thought it was too keen and pretty annoying at first, turned out to be A+. As soon as an empty glass or bottle touched the table it was swiftly taken away to make room on the table. The waiting time between ordering, and the starters and the mains was excellent and our finished plates were also taken away super swiftly once we’d all finished. It felt like the staff were constantly watching us without us knowing – a pretty good trait. One final criticism however. If you’re going to have such attentive, smiley, keen service surely you should remember who ordered what when bringing out food? The food was all bought out at the same time which meant 3 or 4 waitresses all chirped at the same time ‘So who ordered the….?’ to which we all replied ‘ME!’….. confusinggggg and inefficient.

All in all an enjoyable experience. To what started out as us feeling slightly awkward in this loud bustling venue, after a few glasses of wine we all felt right at home.

Verdict: very well cooked food, good atmosphere, good service. Happy face.


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