The Twisted Burger Company, Leeds

I’m so gutted that I didn’t bring my proper camera with me t’up north. The weather has been absolutely glorious and there have been two unexpected meals out that I have shamelessly wanted to snap away at. I have always loved Leeds, but recently I feel it has gained more of an ‘edgy’, up-and-coming, cosmo vibe with regard to food/drinking/nightlife and shopping. Whether this is because I am now a student and am more in touch with this side of city life, or this is totally new, I can’t put my finger on. Anyways, I love Leeds.

I visited two foody spots over the Easter weekend, both of which I thought deserved a lil’ mention. (The second spot will be in the next blog post).

My Dad (fitness fanatic) announced on Saturday that he fancied a burger (wtf), so being the blog type I scoured the blogosphere for a good burger joint. I came across a few Leeds based food blogs all of which bigged up the Twisted Burger Company, a type of pop-up venture at the Aires Bar whose original vendor had been (and still is) the Harley in Sheffield. I found myself in the Harley in August whilst attending Tramlines music festival and have blurred memories of drinking pints of cider, bobbing to house music and getting chatted up by a very tall guy from Manchester. Gutted I wasn’t aware of the burgers they were serving up at the time. Anyway, as well as having good all round reviews the TBC also had an offer on of 50% all burgers until Easter Sunday as an introductory offer to their new location. Perrrfect.

So after a few hours shopping we mooched on down to the canal side Aires Bar, perched ourselves on a table outside in the sunshine and grabbed menus.



An unawares sister.

We all went for the Pig Daddy Kane, a bumper sounding burger of two beef patties, pulled pork, american cheese, bbq sauce and apple and chorizo jam. Yum. We also ordered two portions of sharing fries between 5 of us.

Within 15 mins the food had arrived and it smelt and looked so good that I almost didn’t care to take a photo, I just wanted to dig in. I did take a photo but it’s rather crap (sad face). (If you want better photos there are lots on Google images if you search Twisted Burger Company).


I picked up the whole thing and shoved it in my gob, naturally. It was very tasty. Succulent pink meat, sweet pulled pork, soft yummy bun, zingy jam and good cheese. It was all pretty sweet, which for me wasn’t a problem, but my sister found it a bit too sweet. Also the jam could have been any sort of jam really, I didn’t spot any chorizo although some of my family did in theirs. Portion wise it wasn’t as large as I thought it was going to be. I polished mine off pretty sharpish and wasn’t left feeling overally full. I suppose the well cooked meat and tastiest of the burger made up for that though. For around £4, it was a bargainnn, but paying full price, I would have hoped it to be bigger. The fries however, were a different story.


For £2.25 we shared a huuuuge basket of thin, skin on, crispy, lushious fries. These (smothered in ketchup and mustard) filled any sort of void left in my stomach. (thumbs up).

Overall I would love to visit TBC again if they upped their pattie/ bun size just a tad. Saying that the Pig Pimpin’ fries sound incredible, and the plain fries alone are a reason to revisit.

You can check the TBC out here:

We spent the next few hours walking off our food, wandering the streets of Leeds. My favourite parts are definitely Victoria Quarter and the Corn Exchange (I spied a gourmet hot dog stand I NEED to try):



(Both inside the Corn Exchange)

If anyone has any foody recommendations for Leeds please let me know!

Next blog post will be on the other spot I ate at this weekend 🙂




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