New York Deli, High Street Arcade


I get hungover a lot. As a consequence of this I feel I have perfected the hangover cure – or tailored it perfectly for my body anyway. The first part of the cure is a large meat based meal, and the second part is a sickly sweet huge pudding. I find this combination to be pretty much full proof.

Today I am hungover (it was Welsh Varsity yesterday) therefore my method needed to be put into practice (again). Today’s ‘part one’ consisted of a visit to my beloved New York Deli in the High Street Arcade in Cardiff. This awesome independent deli serves mammoth hoagies, bagels, hot dogs, sandwiches and many other delights, all of which are based around vast quantities of sliced meats and cheeses.

I went for my usual choice, the Cardiff Devil’s Hoagie (£5.70), consisting of a soft bread bap, cream cheese, sliced pastrami, 99 sauce, gherkins and shed loads of Tabasco. They always ask out of 10 how hot I want it to be and I naturally always say 10 – you’ve got to sweat the hangover out somehow. This in turn creates possibly the best sandwich every created by man. Look how gorgeous and huge it is (photo doesn’t do it justice):



My fellow hungover diner always goes for the Whitehouse Special (£6.70). A monster consisting of FIVE types of meat, swiss cheese and your choice of sauce. It literally weighs the same as a child, and could probably provide a village with enough protein for a month:


I ordered this once and couldn’t finish it for shit – for once in my life I had been beaten. My friend had to ask for it to be wrapped to take away so he could have it for dinner later.

We are never disappointed when we visit New York Deli. The service is friendly, the portion sizes are huge, the prices are reasonable and the food is damn tasty. Hungover or not, it is definitely worth paying a visit to this unique spot. You will never look at sandwiches in the same way again!

Do you have any favourite hangover food spots?



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