Hang Fire Smokehouse at the Lansdown

So Friday just gone, me and 7 of my friends made the worth while trek across Cardiff to the rainforests of Canton (anywhere outside of Cathays or Roath is very exotic and different for us). My house mate and I had heard SO many good things about the Hang Fire Smokehouse Pop Up BBQ restaurant and had gathered the troops for a visit.

We arrived at the Lansdown Pub at 5.25pm and were delighted that there were still loads of large free tables. I was eager to arrive shortly after the 5pm opening time because I’d heard how busy this pop up bbq event could get, especially on a Friday. We all eagerly grabbed a menu……and proceeded to stare at it for a good 15 minutes


I wanted one of everything!!

Eventually I settled on the half rack of ribs (saucy rather than dry), with fries and Maque Choux (I asked the super friendly lady working in the order hatch what this was and was sold almost immediately). I also ordered a side of the special ‘Étouffée with a smoky twist’ – a sort of stew with pulled pork and turkey. My friends went for half chickens, the ‘Hangfire’ and pulled pork.

And this is what came


Holy crap it was just so good! So much tasty fall off the bone meat. Amazing seasoned fries. Amazing sides. All with an incredible deep smoky flavour. My order wasn’t exactly right – got BBQ beans on the side instead of the corn dish, but when they realised I was bought out a pot of Marque Choux swiftly and was allowed to keep the beans – 3 sides all for me. The beans and Étouffée tasted quite similar (and looked similar – you can see them in the pots above), but delicious none the less. The Marque Choux was creamy, sweet and herby and cut through the stews, meat and fries really nicely. The star of the show was of course the ribs. Words can’t describe how good these were and how glad I’d ordered them saucy (this was a – pick up, get sauce all over your hands and face scenario). Loved the cute tray it was all served on as well.

I would happily say this is the best meat based meal I have ever eaten out, possibly one of the best dishes ever I’ve eaten out. Each mouthful was just utterly glorious.

AND, nearly forgot to mention the sauces…. On every table there were three home made sauces, two BBQ and one mustard. I can’t remember the exact names of them but one of the BBQ ones had a deep smoky flavour and one a more chocolatey flavour (sounds weird, tasted fab), and the mustard was just….. wow. I love mustard, but this just pushed mustard tastiness to new levels. Sweet & sharp & yum.

My friends all loved their meals as well. There were literally 8 red grinning faces sat at a table at the end of this meal.

Amazing food teamed with the most friendly and enthusiastic service I have ever come across means I will definitely be visiting this place again.

The Hang fire Smokehouse can be found at the Lansdown Pub in Canton every Thursday and Friday at 5pm.


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